Liquidity is the availability of means of payment in cash in a very short term, that is, the immediate availability of cash.
Pariweb.it considers that a company, every day, needs to calculate its liquidity, that is, the cash that can be used for its own investments.
The application Diogene lets the user calculate liquidity as the difference between receipts and payments.

Specifically, Diogene also lets the user calculate an estimate of the receipts based on the economic and timely reliability of the paying customers.

What does DIOGENE do?

1. It lets the user calculate, extract and transfer to a chart, the “classic” liquidity following a daily, 10-day and monthly schedule

2. It can calculate, extract and transfer to a chart the “estimated“ liquidity following a daily, 10-day and monthly schedule. Such liquidity is calculated by weighing each receipt based on the reliability of the paying customer.

3. It lets the user analyze the data that make up liquidity: receipts, payments and credit lines. Such analysis can be implemented through reports, extractions and charts, parameterized according to the user’s needs. All extractions and reports can be exported in both Word and Excel. This allows the user to perform their own analysis and elaborations.

4. It prints and lets the user modify the customers rating table.