LANs and FTP servers

Any business should be able to count on a reliable LAN and on the ability to exchange data in an efficient and secure fashion with its own customers and suppliers.
We can provide you with our technical expertise for the study and implementation of LANs, including cabling, installation of data cabinets, distribution strings and switches.
We can also install on your premises a functional FTP Server thus avoiding costly cloud subscriptions.


You don’t need a large structure to equip yourself with an efficient LAN

How many times have you said “this network is slow”, “this server never responds to human times” Often, it’s just a matter of obsolete wiring or inadequate switches.

We offer custom designed solutions.

FTP Server

Is the information exchange with your customers and/or suppliers a crucial point of your business?

Are you tired of having your mailbox overflowing with redundant data, making it hard to find “the latest version of that document”?

And you don’t want to pay expensive subscriptions to file everything on the Cloud?

The solution we propose is the “at home” FTP Server .